Friday, June 30, 2006

5 Years of "Bliss?"

So today marks my 5th wedding anniversary. Well, not only husband was there too. It seems weird to think we've been married for 5 years because in some ways it's as though we've been married forever and other times it still seems very new.

For instance, when I'm screaming at him for not doing one damn thing when he spent the whole day at home while I was out busting my hump, it seems as though we've been married for an eternity and the thought runs through my mind that some things never change.
Then other times we'll be out with some of his friends from work and he'll introduce me, "This is my wife Ali," and it seems like he's saying it for the first time.
Of course I'm sure if you asked him he would say that being married to me is pure bliss and that his sole mission in life is to serve, love and protect me. FYI - I actually asked him, and those were his exact words. ;)
I actually love being married and even though he drives me insane sometimes, (like this past week) he still makes me laugh my ass off and be thankful we're married.
Tonight, for example, we went out for a fairly fancy dinner - I think the final bill was around $150 for the two of us. Now, I have been in a fairly foul mood with him the past week or so and although I was trying hard to be pleasant I found it really difficult to not throw the butter for my lobster in his face. (Oh god, that sounds terrible - but if it's any consolation I have never actually physically wounded him, nor would I, but some times he really ticks me off - doing typical man stuff of course.)
Anyways, back to my yeah I'm thinking about how I want to flip the table over on him and I suddenly realize "okay, this is our anniversary, no matter what kind of shit he's been in the past week, I should tell him I love him and try to be nice."
So I look over at him adoringly, bat my eyes and whisper "I love you shy" (shy is an inside, downstairs and around the corner nickname we have for each other) waiting for him to, in turn, profess his love for me. He looks over adoringly, at my plate, and says "whew, that steak was awesome, was yours good?"
I instantly grit my teeth and say "you $@#*er, I'm sitting here telling you how much I love you and you're thinking about this stupid piece of meat...I could kill you."
In 2 seconds flat he puts on these sickly sweet puppy dog eyes and says "I love you, I think you have glitter on your face...but it makes you look like an angel" and then bats his eyes.
I'm so baffled by the gayness of the whole angel comment that I just stare at him in stunned silence and then I can't help it, I start to laugh.
It's this kind of stuff that makes me love him even more - he can be in the deepest crap and in the blink of his hazel eyes I'm laughing histerically and glad that he's mine.
Men...can't live with them, can't live without them.


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