Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I think we need a Safeway...stat!

Whoa, do we ever need groceries.
See how the top portion of the (dirty) fridge is completely full? That's where we keep beverages. That section is always full, plus the bottom left drawer is full of beer and the bottom right drawer is full of bottles of water.
In the middle there is another can of beer, some margarine, a chunk of cheese and a carton of eggs that are more than likely expired.
Our cupboards are just as empty as the fridge; we have some cereal, crackers, pasta and a can of mussels. My husband and I only seem to get groceries about once every month and a half or so. I have no idea how we manage to eat every month.
I guess we eat out too often, and other times our parents are in the city and take us out or one of us is working.
I think that's probably the worst thing - when I'm working late the hubby just picks up fast food, and when he's working nights I either just don't eat or I eat a little bit of all the crap that's in the house. Like one night last week I ate about 10 Doritos, 4 marshmallows, a bottle of water and a couple mouthfuls of peach yogurt. The next night I had 2 cookies, a can of grapefruit pop and a bowl of mini wheats. I have some of the worst eating habits ever.
Oh yeah, how do you like the colour of that fridge? Pretty hot I know. Not everyone can pull off a baby vomit colour fridge, lucky thing I look good next to bile!
Hope everyone has more groceries than me - Bon Appetit!


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