Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Creepy Dude at Work

I started a new job about two months ago. So far the job is the best I could ask for; great work, great company, great people...except for this one creepy guy.
Now when I say creepy I don't mean like he dresses all in black, wears his hair in his eyes, hisses at random people and waits for me around corners; but he is creepy nonetheless.
The first day we met he asked me my name, which I told him, and then when I laughed at someone's joke he told me I was "twisted." So far, all I had done was say "Ali" and laugh, but he deemed me twisted anyways. And that's not the part that bothered me. What bothered me was the fact that he said "twisted" in such a way that it implied something dirty. From what I can recall it wasn't even a dirty joke, but whatever.
Since then, this guy will come into the office where he's supposed to talk to the woman who sits in front of me, but even if he sees me working (or with headphones on) he will still try to talk (although I try really hard to pretend I don't see him) and when I finally turn my head from whatever I'm doing and take out my headphones and say "what?" he'll just say "I said you're twisted" in his dirty voice and crack his make-my-skin-crawl smile. Then I'm like "oh, okay then" and pop my headphones back in or pretend I heard someone calling me and head to their office.
I try to be nice to this guy for the most part, but the truth is that the nicer I am to him, the more he hangs around.
Today I was doing my best to look busy but he still managed to get my attention. He kept saying "smile" and I would say no (trying to look like what I was doing was terribly important and that the fate of the company was depending on me getting it done) but he kept saying it and I don't know about you, but I'm like a six year old when someone tells me to smile, or not to, I always bust out with this ridiculous toothy grin like someone that just huffed too much gas.
So anyways, I'm sitting at my computer, grinning my idiot face off and thinking in my mind "just bugger off you creepy, freaky man." And he says to me "wow, you have a beautiful smile" and grins creepily and walks out.
I immediately do the 'Uggghhh' body shiver, I couldn't even enjoy the compliment because he said it so stalker like, and then chastise myself for not being able to control my facial expressions.
I know I should just give the dude a chance because he's obviously screaming for attention, but it doesn't help the cause that everyone at my work it telling me creepy stories about him too. One guy in particular always seems to run into him in the bathroom, where creepy dude insists on talking to him no matter what bodily function either one of them may be working on at the time.
Sigh, what's a girl to do? Be nice and risk having this guy make me feel like I need to be hosed down everytime I see him, or give him the cold shoulder at the risk of seeming like a real biotch?


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