Wednesday, June 28, 2006

My first attempt...

Okay, (imagine knuckles cracking and body stretches) let's get down to business.

I guess since I stayed up late last night to try and figure out this whole blogging thing and into the wee hours of this morning to find a web address that had not been taken yet, I may as well try my hand at it.

I guess my first attempt will be about the fact that I kind of feel silly about not wanting any of my family, friends or most of my co-workers to know that I have this blog. Why, you may ask? Well I guess it's the fact that I want to be able to write about whatever I want to. To gripe, giggle, question or spout about whatever I want.
I for one, don't want everyone I know reading something that could potentially hurt their feelings or force them to view me in a different light or just know things about me that I would just prefer strangers (wow that is a weird concept) to know.
I may eventually break down and tell my husband because I don't like to keep secrets from him and if I'm complaining about something he did (or more likely didn't do) he'll know about it already anyways because he probably heard about it for half an hour previous to my blog entry.
Now that I reason that out to myself, I think my husband would be a safe bet to tell, but for the time being it's my dirty little secret. Oh yeah, and one of the dudes from work knows because he's the one who convinced me to do it and had to spend his lunch hour explaining to my dumb ass how to even make a post.
I intend on writing every weekday, weekends I am usually in a little world called "dial-up" and I tend not to have a lot of patience for the 15 minutes it takes just for the computer to quit screeching and make the connection.
Now I know that at some point I will be logging on to apologize for the fact that "my life has been soooo busy lately" and think of every lame excuse for why I haven't blogged in the last 2 weeks, but I really will do my best to write as often as possible, maybe no one will even read this thing, who knows?
But for anyone who actually does, I thank you in advance and I will entertain you to the best of my quirky ability.
Adieu for now.


Blogger mr zig said...

you must work with some amazingly smart people! That guy that convinced you to blog in the first place must be so awesome - and i imagine he's a fairly good looking guy too! hehe

10:02 PM  

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