Thursday, September 24, 2009

I Need to Work on My Reactions

Yesterday morning I went in to work early. I stopped for coffee on the way, which I don't normally do anymore. As anyone who drinks their coffee with sugar knows, having someone else make it for you is a bit of a risk- you either get too much sugar or not enough.

Now this may be hard to believe, but I tend to always need more :)

Anyways, as I'm walking out of the kitchen with my extra large coffee with no lid, I come dangerously close to running into James, a co-worker. Or more realistically, I come dangerously close to running into his belly button, since he's 6'3".

Me: (stop dead in my tracks and my eyes open wide)
James: (throws his hands up in mock shock at seeing me)
Me: uh
James: hehehe
Me: Aaaaaaaaaagh!!! (what can I say - it was a delayed reaction)
James: Ohhhhh, that's nice...
Me: What? (laughing)
James: That's always the reaction I like to get from the ladies.
Me: Oh, come on!
James: No, really, I love that scream of horror they do when they see me...
Me: Awww, James (laughing)
James: "Aaagh! It's James!"...Not really what I was going for.
Me: But maybe I was really screaming in awe at your obvious raw sexuality?
James: Well when you say it as a question, I tend not to believe you.
Me: Ah, touche.


Blogger Rock Chef said...

Women often scream when they see me too.

I just know it's because of my raw sexuality...

9:24 AM  
Blogger tz said...

james sounds funny....

the last time someone screamed when the saw me coming, i had a needle in my hand :D

7:35 PM  

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