Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Oh frig...

Apparently I have been quite the little bitch today.

Not intentionally of course, though I was in a particularly cocky mood this morning. But this afternoon I just started feeling like crap - both physically and mentally. There have been a lot of things going through my mind and I seem to have offended some people in my office with my sarcastic mouth and lack of happiness.

Never mind the fact that I spent the drive home (and the last 15 minutes) bawling and then feeling badly for being such a "bitch", but now I'm actually feeling guilty for letting things that have nothing to do with work interfere with my mood at work. Like that could actually be helped.

Anyways, to those who are not impressed with me at the moment, I'm sorry. Sometimes it's just hard to not wear my heart on my sleeve...or on my face, or in my tone.

Sometimes being a girl sucks.


Anonymous terri said...

*Gets it*

9:36 PM  
Blogger Princess of the Universe said...

Remember my purse that got stolen yesterday?
The receptionist greeted me this morning with "did you find you p...?"
"I don't want to talk about it!" I snap.
Silence from the receptionist. A snarky remark from the other girl standing there.
I go to my office, shut the door and burst into tears. This within the first minute of arriving there.

I know EXACTLY how you feel.

9:42 PM  
Blogger Logziella said...

What??..."SOMETIMES being a girl sucks"...I feel like almost most of the time being a girl sucks! I mean guys are not afflicted with these kind of's just not fair!

Know that you are NOT alone. I have just decided that every 28th day...I am not going to is guaranteed to be an "ole poor me" ...or..."I am mad at the world" post and those are getting old (for me).

I feel your pain...tomorrow will be a new start and a better day. You can redeem yourself then. Until then, know that everyone knows the true, fun loving, crazy Ali and they know she'll return...soon.


10:39 PM  
Blogger Rock Chef said...

Pay them off with some Fun Dip - I am sure they will forgive you.

3:53 AM  
Blogger AaroN said...

Apologize and move on.

Or blame it on PMS, unless you already used that excuse in the past couple weeks. ;)

6:47 AM  
Blogger mr zig said...

the people the "matter" understand that girls are sometimes girls... and the people that don't matter... well, they don't matter, so who cares! hehehe -

7:59 AM  
Blogger Rock Chef said...

Zig, shush! You could be in for a week's worth of Fun Dip or something if you play this right!

10:32 AM  
Blogger Ali said...

Sorry boys, can't blame this on PMS...not even a little. It's just chalked up to being an emotional girl.
And I have apologized, and I've been forgiven - most people get it.
And Rock Chef...Shush! Zig is spoiled enough! He does NOT need any Fun Dip - believe me!

5:13 PM  

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