Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Oh Boy...

...actually more like no boy.

The husband has been on holidays since August 1st. Since then he has been in Ontario staying with his parents and doing boyish type things like drinking beer, golfing, fishing, watching football, etc.

I went home this past weekend too. On Friday night he got to my parents house as I was going to bed. In the morning we both went our separate ways. That night we crawled into bed together. In the morning we went our separate ways. That afternoon he left for a round of golf with his dad and then kept going into the city - he wanted to be here for baseball on Monday night. I got home Monday while he was at the baseball diamond. He got home just when I was thinking about going to bed. He was asleep before I even slipped between the sheets. Tuesday morning he dropped me off at work on his way back to Ontario. He's supposed to be home sometime tomorrow. Then he will be working 12 hour days Friday, Saturday and Sunday while I am off.

Our lives have been this way since we first moved in together 7 and a half years ago. When we lived in Calgary he would go away for 4 weeks at a time (up into the boonies in Yellowknife and British Columbia) and then come home for 5 days - I would be working those 5 days. It was almost like I was a single person.

And for the past 3 years with him working at the hospital we sometimes go a week or two just passing each other by - one of us on the way to work when the other is coming home, one of us waking up when the other is getting ready for bed.

Sometimes I don't mind having so much time to myself, it allows me to do the things that I love that maybe he doesn't feel as passionate about.

The last couple days I have been feeling kind of dreary. I wondered what it was about since I loathe feeling this way. Tonight as I was sitting here I realized what was wrong.

I miss the husband. Something awful.

I'm excited that he will be home tomorrow. Sure, we will probably argue within the first half hour, but after we do I will pout and he will come over and ask if we are done fighting and I will say "for now" and he will sit beside me on the couch and I will snuggle up to him, kiss him and tell him I love him.


Blogger Logziella said...

AWE!!! That was such a sweet post! I feel sorry for you though. I just can't be away from Chuck that long...I think I'm codependant...HA!!

8:56 PM  
Blogger Reggie said...

You are a good woman Ali. That outdoor "man time" is important to him...especially with your severe winters.

I too miss Gigi very much after a day or so.

When I indulge in too much man time I usually get a lecture about it. "You're living your own little life", I can hear it now.

Prime NFL and golf season is upon us so I must be careful. Both are synonymous with men and drinking beer.

Oh and Gigi will say, "You are such a man".

Yes I am.

4:14 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

Guess what???
I'm baaaaaaaaccckkkkkkkk!!!!!


And I missed you too....

3:42 PM  
Blogger j.k.a said...

amen to that post. for the first two years hubby and I were together, we both worked waaay to much, and different shifts. we had a brief few months of both working days, and now that we've moved it's back to the different shifts again. like you, I have always liked my 'me time', but man, sometimes it just sucks. I'm glad your hubby is back and you get to see him...:)

10:54 PM  

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