Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Turn It Up!

I've said before that music is the story of my life.
I don't know if there is a more true statement that applies to me than that one.
There is music for every thought, emotion, mood and action that takes place in my life. Certain songs make me remember a period in my life, others bring a tear to my eye, others remind me of singing with my dad when I was a little girl.
Still others remind me of when the husband used to drive up and down my street in the summers when we were dating. Some songs remind me of certain people, others of certain events, but all of it makes me happy. Even when it's reminding me of a sad moment, I love music.

I've always been someone that loves to sing, since I was a child my dad especially has encouraged me. He always told me he loved my voice when I would bop around the house singing my heart out. I sang in a couple choirs when I was in high school and when I was seventeen I sang my first solo in a production of "The Man Who Came to Dinner." I went on that stage and busted into this song - and after the play was over my dad just gave me a hug and told me I did a great job.
It was the next day when we were sitting at home that he looked over at me and said "I never knew you could sing like that." I was totally blown away; he was the one who had told me that I had a nice voice my whole life. When I said that to him he said "well yeah, but I never knew you had that in you."

Over the years I was in school I learned how to play the piano and the flute - both of which I've forgotten now, sad as that is to admit. But now I've moved on to a new instrument; the guitar. For years now I've played with the idea - being very passionate about learning, then getting sidetracked with something else (damn my gemini mind!), but I've decided over the last while that it is something that I can't put off anymore. I spend too much of my time telling myself that I'll do things eventually, then never doing them. The husband half-assed knows how to play, but I'm sure he would like to learn properly too. And since we're both left handed we only have to put out the cash for one right now - yay! Besides, with Zig and John doing so much talking about rocking out I'm totally jealous!

I've also begun to open myself up to new types of music. I've always had an open mind, and I have fairly eclectic tastes, but some of the new stuff I'm listening to is really blowing me away. How people survive without music is beyond me. It's such a powerful medium that it can even help determine what kind of mood you will be in. Plus, if you like to bust a move like me, even if you don't play an instrument or can't sing a note, shaking your ass to some good music is always an instant pick me up.

I have a hard time getting through the day without tunes. I wake up to my radio in the morning, I listen when I'm getting ready, I listen on the way to work, I listen at work (either through headphones or blaring it down the hall), I listen on the way home, and the second I walk in the door I crank music until the husband gets home from work. And when he's home I either have my headphones on at the computer or my mp3 player blasting in my ear.

Oh dear music, I love you so. You are a wonderful part of my life and I hope we can grow old together.


Blogger John said...

Music is great. Keep us informed of your progress with the guitar. I gave up in my early 20s and only went back a couple of years ago, but it is amazing how quickly it came back, and I am better now than I ever was. I know the guitar will be new, but with piano and flute behind you it should be a doddle.

3:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Music is a big part of my life as well. I find that it is such a great decompressor. Singing or playing the piano has always been a great way for me to 'feel better'. I have been thinking about learning how to play the guitar myself. What a great instrument. You can take it anywhere.

5:26 AM  
Blogger mr zig said...

DO IT ALI!!! Just go out and buy one... do it do it do it! thats how I started! You won't regret it... and once you have it I won't let you give up! - So soon you'll be able to rock out like John and Me...

7:06 AM  
Blogger John said...

Yes, yes - think how cool it will be when you can stand on the counter, singing and PLAYING GUITAR while your husband cooks...

10:05 AM  
Blogger Ali said...

Okay - THAT'S IT! I am buying myself a guitar! You guys are making me want to go buy one today...John, that vision of standing on the counter and playing while I'm singing is making me way too pumped! And Zig - I'm holding you to your promise of not letting me give up...and uh, you're going to teach me right?

11:22 AM  
Blogger John said...

We have done it, Mr Zig - we have turned her to The Dark Side. Mwahahahahaha!

3:25 AM  

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