Friday, December 22, 2006

Have Yourself a Merry Little...Whatever You Celebrate!

Words cannot express the love and affection that I’ve come to have for each and every one of my comrades in Blogland this past year.

No matter if I was posting about the colour of my linoleum, my crazy neighbours or my life’s most recent tragic events – there were always comments coming in, letting me know that I was not alone and making me laugh when I was being ridiculous. I can only hope that I’ve been there for all of you in the way that you’ve been there for me.

I wish all of you unending joy and happiness for 2007 and take pleasure in the fact that I know you will be there through whatever else life may throw my way. I can feel it in my Gemini bones…2007 is going to be a magical year, for you and for me.

Be happy and healthy and hug your loved ones tight this holiday - I’ll see you in the new year!

Love you all, Ali


Blogger Logziella said...

Merry Christmas to you guys too!!!!

12:16 PM  
Blogger James said...

It is really good of you to think about everyone else when you have so much going on at this time. I would be tempted to shut myself in a hole for a while with a lid over my head.

2:56 AM  

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