Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I'm a Carnie...But Not the Creepy Kind From the Carnival

Oh my God...what a frustrating day. First of all, I'm frustrated because I am feeling like a total carnivore. I go through phases with meat, sometimes I like it, sometimes it grosses me out - but since Monday morning I have been craving meat. Not just any meat - but steak. Like the biggest, most juicy steak you have ever seen. On Monday we got home late so I made spaghetti with meat sauce. I ate an enourmous plate, then I had the leftovers for lunch on Tuesday. Last night the husband made a beef roast - I think I chowed down more of it than him! I just couldn't get enough. Now today I have been pigging out on candy but all I can think of is eating a steak.
We're going home to Ontario this weekend and I'm planning on calling my dad tonight to tell him to have some huge fillets ready to cook on Saturday night. I've turned into a cold-blooded carnivore I tell ya!
Anyways, back to the real reason I'm frustrated. Associate editors. Just saying that title makes me want to scream obscenities and rip my hair out! I will not go into the dirty details, but I will say this - from my experiences, most associate editors are about as useless as telling Visa that you'd prefer if they didn't charge you interest anymore.

Lately, I have had a never-ending slew of problems with all but one of the associate editors (I'm going to call them ass editors from now on - it's more fitting) that I've been dealing with.
Today was "Take Your Kid To Work Day" here in Winnipeg and the woman who shares my office with me brought her 14 year old daughter. Let's just say that I think that girl learned a few new words. Bad Ali!
To all you ass editors out there...if you don't do your job, how do you figure I can do mine? I don't really care if you don't have time - if that's the case then maybe you shouldn't accept the work in the first place. That is why you have the luxury of being "associate." You can say NO if you just have too much else to do!

But if I try to get ahold of you to figure out why everything you do is late - do NOT screen your calls, do NOT assume I am an idiot and that you can convince me that nothing is ever your fault and you sure as hell better NOT lie right to my face - I know what your job is and when the deadline is and I have no problem going over your head to find out if you're lying or not!

This is what I feel like doing to each and every ass editor right now - so do your job!

Whew, how was that for a tirade?
You can all that I have that out of my system I feel a lot better. And I'm laughing at the ridiculous pictures.
Plus, I'm listening to some really wicked music right now and rockin' out in my sweats while I'm making supper - so it's all good.

Thanks for letting me vent!


Blogger Logziella said...

Vent away girlfriend!!!

I love meat too! I am a sucker for a big juicy steak! I like mine medium well. YUMMMM...

I am so hungry right now but I can't eat anything b/c I am fasting b/c I have to go to the vampire's tomorrow first thing in the AM and part of the vampire's meal is checking my cholesterol! I sit...stomach rumbling and all!

10:01 PM  
Blogger Mojonah said...

So sorry that you had such a frustrating time! Anytime you need to vent....vent away!

I do enjoy meat as well, but find that at certain times of my cycle, I crave certain things...could be like that with you.

Where in Ontario are you headed? Will we be neighbours while you're here?

6:47 AM  

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