Friday, October 27, 2006

I Vont To Suck Yor Blood

Today was a pretty good day - lots of happiness around. But I also had a date today...with a vampire. I regularly have dates at my friendly neighbourhood vampire clinic, and today was no exception.

I start work at 9 am so I decided to get to the clinic for when they opened at 8:30 and beat the rush. Only problem is that's what everyone else was thinking too. I actually only had to wait about 20 minutes before I got in but when the nice vampire decided to use my right arm first, nothing happened. As in, she put in the needle (they are very hygenic at my clinic and tend to use a needle instead of their fangs) and we waited. And waited. And waited. About 2 drops of blood came out.

She kept the needle in there for a full 2 minutes before I said "uh, maybe we should try the other arm." So, attack the other arm she did, and drew enough blood to feed a family of vampires for a week. Ugh. I hate having blood taken. Give me a gun full of needles to get a tattoo any day, but stay away from me with those one needle blood suckers!
Now I have bruises on both of my arms and the one on the left that didn't actually produce any blood has a big hard circle underneath the surface - the husband says that the vampire went
through my vein, go figure - you'd think that someone who makes it their life's profession to draw blood wouldn't go through a vein. Whatever, I should be off the hook for another 3 weeks or so.


Blogger Logziella said...

I am sitting here wiggling all around in my seat as I looked at the picture of the needle actually in your arm...I hate needles too!!

I also have to have frequent vampire visits...I hate them too...just think about me when you go and I will think about you!

P.S.-I NEVER look! :-)

10:30 PM  
Blogger Tee said...

The same thing always happens to me. The needle goes in, nothing comes out. Apparently I have tiny veins that are close to the surface of my skin and all the big juicy ones are hidden.

One time they had to cut the back of my heel to get blood...ok...ow! So whenever I visit the vampires I'm not allowed to move my arm afterwards for the whole day because...ummmm...something to do with my little veins...and my arm...random word: blood? I dunno. All I know is that it's annoying!

10:22 AM  

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