Sunday, October 29, 2006

Time Warp

Yesterday was a busy day in the life of Ali.
Not that I did a lot of things, rather just that I was out all day.
My dad, brother, 3 uncles and I helped my aunt move out of her apartment. She actually bought a condo last year that was supposed to be finished for the end of this October. Of course, it isn't finished and now they are telling her it will be ready for the end of April. She didn't want to pay rent for the next six months so she put nearly everything in storage and moved in with a girlfriend from work.
So from 8:30 yesterday morning until about 3:30 in the afternoon I was lugging around boxes, furniture and my tired ass - trying to fit a crammed two bedroom apartment into an 8 x 10 foot box. Let's just say my aunt must have been dilusional when she decided everything would fit in there - we did a lot of creative cramming, and several things ended up in the basement of the place she's moving into.
Needless to say I was exhausted when I got home. The husband is working nights so I took the evening to lay on the couch, do a favour for Reggie that I promised him would be done on Friday (so sorry by the way, I promise you will have it today), look around at my messy apartment and feel guilty that I wasn't cleaning it, and then finally dragged myself to bed at 9:30.

Fast forward 12 hours...I felt the husband get in bed this morning at around 8:30 and immediately went back to sleep. Opened my eyes at 9:30 and decided that I better get up because I had lots to do today.
Stumbled my way into the kitchen to make coffee where I realized that I had to load the dishwasher before I could make coffee because there were so many dishes in the sink that I couldn't get any water out of the tap.
Made coffee, ate some cereal, read everyone's blogs, layed on the couch and watched the last half of an episode of Law & Order that I've seen 10 times already, then walked back to the kitchen to get more coffee.
Then I stopped. I backed up two steps and looked at the clock in the dining room. It said 9:30. I rubbed my eyes and looked again. Now it said 9:31. Huh? I had got up at 9:30 like an hour ago. I walked into the kitchen and looked at the clock on the microwave. It said 9:33. What is going on? I went back and looked at the dining room clock. It now said 9:32. Wait a second here, had I been moving at the speed of light the past minute or so? How could I have cleaned up the kitchen, ate breakfast, surfed the net and watched t.v. in the space of about 3 minutes?
I seriously stood there for another 2 minutes or so, mentally scratching my head. Then it dawned on me. Ding! The clocks went back an hour last night.
And miracle of miracles, the husband actually changed all the clocks except my alarm clock because then he would have woke me up. Bless him for doing that, but it always works out that when he actually does something nice like, I'm usually so confused that whatever he's done is actually done, that it turns into more of an event that it should.

Anyways, it's time for me to get dressed - which is going to hurt, let me tell ya. My arms, legs and back are aching this morning from all the lifting yesterday. I think me and ibuprofen are going to spend the day together.
I've got to put together a baby basket, go visit that new baby and her mom, get groceries, do laundry, clean up this disaster area I'm living in, finish Reggie's thing, do all the work I brought home, make supper and pay bills - all without waking up the husband.

Happy Sunday everyone!


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