Monday, October 23, 2006

Poor Pitiful Me...

I'm tired, I'm cranky and I'm feeling sorry for myself.

I was in a pretty good mood this morning for about 2 hours - then all hell broke loose. I got about 2 hours of copy-editing done, then decided to go see my chiropractor on my lunch break because my back was aching.
After I left her office still in pain (my back has really been acting up lately - damn crappy office chairs!) I developed a wicked headache.
I was late getting back to the office after lunch, sat down for 10 minutes then had to go out for a meeting at an office about 20 minutes away. Had a long meeting where a lot was said and nothing was accomplished. Got back to work and couldn't concentrate on anything.
Came home and brought all the work I didn't get done at my office with me to do - instead crawled into bed when I was supposed to be making supper because I had a chill.
The husband came home an hour later and found me passed out in bed (my plan was to have supper waiting for him when he came home).
Now I still have my chill and my headache, I'm tired, my knees have been aching for a few hours now (damn Canadian weather) and I'm miserable.
Sorry for such a whiny post but if I can't feel sorry for myself here, then where else am I allowed to do it?
I'm off to the bathroom for a hot shower and then to bed for a good sleep. Goodnight.


Blogger Mojonah said...

Hope you feel better soon! Sorry about the headache..I get those after I go to the chiropractor as well. Take two aspirin, and call me in the morning...haha.

Really, hope you feel better today, and that you can all you need to accomplish done!

6:13 AM  
Blogger Logziella said...

Are you feeling better today yet? My knees were achey when I had strep throat. Does your throat hurt?

You can feel sorry for yourself whenever you want to-especially on your own blog-! We will always be here to cheer you up!

Feel better soon!

8:59 AM  
Blogger txdave said...

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6:16 PM  

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