Thursday, October 26, 2006

Happy Hollyween!

Had another great day today - was in a wonderful mood and so was everyone else at work. There was a lot of laughing and dancing going on all day; well the boys were just laughing, it was the girls who were busting a move.
After work the husband picked me up and we decided to go grab some supper and then go and do one of our favourite Halloweenish type of activities. We went to Boo at the Zoo!
I'm not sure if this happens anywhere besides Winnipeg, but every October the zoo here is turned into a "scary" land of zombies and witches and goblins etc. This is really designed for little kids and families but the husband and I go every year and it's lots of fun.
Most of the stuff is very juvenile and not very scary to the average adult - but for any of you that know me very well, you know that I scare easily.
Half the time I'm just fawning over all the little babies and toddlers all dressed up in their cute costumes, but sometimes things actually freak me out! Tonight I only actually screamed one time. It's dark when you go and there were a couple people dressed in black sitting behind a bench. They just sit still and then when people forget they are there they pull out these little gremlin hand puppets and sit them on the back of the bench. It's freaky because you can't actually see the people - just the gremlins. I know how silly and totally unscary that sounds but I screamed! The husband had a good laugh about that.
The theme this year was "Hollyween" and they even had the Hollywood sign replicated up on the cliffs in the polar bear exhibit. They had stuff set up everywhere to make it look like we were on a movie set and when you first walk in they have this soundtrack of an announcer talking like he's on the red carpet of the Oscars or something. There are spotlights flashing and actors everywhere and it's just a lot of fun - even for grown-ups. Everything was so cute (and a tiny bit scary). I can't wait till we have kids of our own so we actually have a good reason for going to it every year!
This guy above is actually the headless horseman but it's hard to see that he's missing his head in the dark!


Blogger Amos said...

Glad that you are doing better and had a fun time tonight. Here in Tulsa the zoo does the same thing called the Hallowzooeen. I have never been but I've heard it is fun. For myself I just can't stand the scary stuff so I stay away. Hmmm maybe that's because in childhood I went trick or treating with my siblings and they scared the crap out of me. Haven't done the event since. My kids and I play it safe at church with Harvest Carnival. Yeah, I'm an adult but that one time was enough to care again.

Hope tomorrow is just as bright.

9:54 PM  
Blogger Logziella said...

Our neighbor always dresses up and sits in a chair on his porch completely still holding the bucket of candy. You actually think it's like a giant doll or something b/c he is so still and when the kids reach into the bucket to get their candy he moves!! And you always hear screams in that direction! We fell for it our first year scared Logan something severe! He remembered last year and wouldn't go to that house. I think I even screamed that first year! Then his wife came out and started yelling at him to be nice to the littler kids. Funny!

8:44 AM  

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