Sunday, June 03, 2007

The 80's Live!

First off - I must apologize to you all for these terrible pictures...and to Minolta, for using their name in a stream of jaw-dropping swears just moments ago.
My camera has been giving me grief lately, and when I started opening all the photos from this weekend's festivities on my computer, I was shown just how much of a piece of crap this camera is becoming. I've only dropped it like 25 times - it should be hearty enough to take that...
Anyways, despite the lack of evidentiary photos, we had a great time this weekend. The wedding was great, the costumes were great, the music was great - overall, I would say it was...great.
Shona and Cory (the bride and groom) looked fantastic, and it warmed my heart when Cory broke down during his vows and had to take a moment to compose himself. Shona, ever the strong woman, never shed a tear. But there was a laugh when she was repeating her vows to Cory.
The priest spoke one of the vows for her to repeat, and it went along the lines of "I promise to submit to you - blah, blah, blah" so she said it, and then you could see her eyes flick to the priest when she realized what she had just said. I, of course, started to giggle right away, my mom punched me in the leg, then Shona started to laugh, my aunt started laughing behind me, and then finally a couple other people started laughing. As soon as she said "submit" my mind went into the gutter - plus, if you knew Shona at all, you would know that she isn't the type of person to submit to anything. It was quite obvious to everyone else who the perverts in the church were, let's just say that.
She told me after that she didn't remember reading that in the vows when they picked them out, so she was shocked when the words came out of her mouth, but it made for a great break in tension!
The only "bad" part of the day was that the wedding was at 1:30 in the afternoon. That's a long time between wedding and reception. So by just after 2 we were back at my parent's house - my parents, brother, the husband, aunt and uncle, 6 bottles of wine and a stocked liquor cabinet.
My mom wasn't drinking, neither was my brother, Chris was drinking beer - yet we managed to drink 3.5 bottles of wine between my aunt, dad and I. Uh oh.
The husband and I changed into our 80's outfits - then started our trek over to where the reception was being held. We were the first people to walk in the door in 80's clothes - it's a good thing I'd already been drinking for hours - I wasn't plastered, but I wasn't embarrassed, let's just say that.
A couple hours later the place was dotted with people in ridiculous get-ups - one being my friend Tiffany who dug up this bridesmaid dress from 1987. I kept telling her how hot she looked and then she would run her hands down my fishnets and we'd laugh.
The Bahama Mama was there of course since it was her sister that got married, and we would be across the room from each other - hear the opening notes to Tiffani - I think we're alone now, or Culture Club - Karma Chameleon and run laughing for the dance floor, meet up, dance our asses off, talk for a minute, then meet up again for the next fantastic song.
The walk home was interesting to say the least. Picture a drunk, loud and very happy Cyndi Lauper holding hands with an equally intoxicated, giggly Don Johnson, walking through dark baseball diamonds and soccer fields in the middle of the night. We were laughing so hard and continually smashing into each other - my arms are sore today from running into him so many times.
It was great fun though - we so rarely drink, we had so much fun, we staggered home to my parents (though the walk took about 20 minutes instead of 5) and both of us woke up feeling fantastic today.
We spent the day packing our stuff, visiting Chris' mom and visiting at the bride's parents house (which is across the street from my parent's house). A wonderful, relaxed and happy weekend - sigh, what more could a girl ask for?

P.S. - Logziella, Monica is down for 2 weeks, so I promise to take pictures and tell the story of how she became "the Bahama Mama".


Blogger John said...

Sounds like a great day.

I must say I hated the wedding vows. We chose the shortest ones possible (hey we had been together for 16 years, we knew what it was all about!) but I still felt like I was repeating War and Peace. Oh well.

4:15 AM  
Blogger Logziella said...

That sounds like so much fun!! I am glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for the pictures.

Yes, I am anxiously awaiting the Bahamma Mamma story! :0)

8:53 AM  

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