Thursday, May 17, 2007

A Day (or two) In the Life of Moi

A while ago some of my peeps (oh man, I am soooo white) were posting about what a day is like in their life. I've decided to follow suit, but it's a two-day event because I have been ca-razy this week!

6am - Woke up for the day.
6:05 - Showered.
6:20 - Checked email.
6:30 - Finished getting ready for work.
7:30 - Got to work, chatted with Zig and Krista for the first half hour or so (oh, who am I kidding - it was more like an hour).
8:30 to 11:30 - Ran around like a crazy woman - doing paginations, copyediting, answering emails.
11:30 - Left with Krista and Zig for lunch. We walked down to the underground and went to this delicious little deli we love. I had veggies and a lemon snapple for lunch.
12:00pm - Finished eating and ran around the underground with the other two - laughing and being rowdy.
12:30 - Went back to the office and attempted to work for the next hour or so.
1:30 - Went into the board room for a production meeting.
1:50 - Left the production meeting a couple minutes early and went downstairs to where the husband was waiting in the car. (Don't tell - but I kind of told my boss that I had a doctor's appointement...but I didn't - I'm very bad).
2:15 - The husband and I drove halfway across the city for me to do an interview for a freelance piece I was doing.
4:00 - We made it back to my office just as I was supposed to be getting off for the day.
4:30 - Grabbed my car and drove through rush hour traffic, while driving (bad Ali) I called the guy I was supposed to meet for the next interview to confirm - he changed the interview time to 7pm.
5:15 - Came in the house - made 4 perogies for supper, wrote a blog post, read everyone else's blog, then went and laid in bed to go over my notes from the earlier interview.
6:30 - Left for the next interview (which the husband also drove me to) that ended up lasting for an hour and a half, instead of the half hour it should have.
8:45 - Went to Shopper's Drugmart to get some medication for poor husband who is suffering from some nasty allergies.
9:30 to 10:30 - Came home, threw some laundry in, called my little bro, checked my email, tucked the husband into bed and sat down on the couch.
11:00 - Remembered that I had a guitar lesson on Wednesday, pulled out Ramona and practiced for 45 minutes.
12:00am - Finally hit the sack.

6:00am - Woke up for the day.
6:05 - Showered.
6:20 - Checked email.
6:30 - Finished getting ready for work. Ready to go at 6:50, but dawdled and didn't actually leave till almost 7:30 (I start at 8 by the way).
7:55 - Got to work, spent 45 minutes chatting with Zig and Krista (is anyone noticing a pattern here?)
8:00 to 8:15 - helped pot the new office plants.
9:15 - Krista cranks some Jet in her office and we have a dance party (complete with hair shaking and arms flailing) to get us pumped for the day.
9:30 to 11:30 - Ran around like a crazy woman - emails again, tried to sort out some mistakes our Toronto office (idiots) made - ended up spending more time on their crap than on my own).
11ish - Zig and I decide we should take Krista and go to a music store at lunch to look at guitar stands - Krista quickly reminds us that we have to go to the underground today to get her shoe repaired.
11:30 - We head out for lunch - spend most of the hour being goofy. Krista and I run away and leave Zig in Starbucks - when we come out of our hiding spot he is halfway down the mall, but turns around to see us laughing and puts on a major pout to let us know he's not impressed.
12:30pm to 3:55 - The afternoon is spent doing more paginations, a lot of violent cursing and answering an insane amount of emails and phone calls - yet I still manage to get nothing done.
4:00 - I read Reggie's blog - attempt to post a comment - and as I'm typing I break into this huge laughing fit. In fact, I'm laughing so hard and for so long that I start to cry - and I can hear Zig and Jorge (another designer) down the hall laughing at me, and asking if I'm okay.
4:10 - Still laughing.
4:15 - Finally compose myself and start to pack up.
4:45 - Grab Ramona and Zig and head out to my car.
4:45 to 5:30ish - Drive with the windows down and sing my girly face off all the way to Zig's house - he seems unphased.
5:30 to 6:45ish - Have an awesome guitar lesson. I think this may be the first time I don't say "Agh! I can't do this!"
6:55 to 7:30 - Drive home with the windows open and sing (and dance wildly) all the way home. Have to stop at Domo halfway home when I realize my car is on "E" and have to pump my own gas...maybe they should change their slogan from "We jump to the pump" to "We are lazy inbreds who ask for coupons and forget to actually pump the gas."
7:30 - Walk in the door, grab Ramona, and practice till the husband gets home.
8:25 - The husband had a terrible day, so I pull him onto the couch beside me and do my best to cheer him up.
8:45 - He makes himself supper.
9:00 to 10:00 - I watch the season finale of CSI New York and practice Ramona at each commercial break.
9:30 - I remember that I need to eat supper so I can take my pills - we're out of milk for cereal so crackers and pickles it is!
10:00 - Throw more laundry in.
10:10 - Iron my shirt for tomorrow.
10:30 - Check my email (personal, blog and freelance accounts) then check out Facebook and read everyone else's blogs.
11:30 - Wash my face and get ready for bed.

Today will be much of the same, and I have to drive out of town after work for an interview for another freelance piece - then Friday evening it's off to Ontario for the long weekend.
Life has been incredibly busy lately and I'm looking forward to hanging out at home. Besides taking home my 3 freelance articles to actually write (which I don't consider work because I love it) I will take the rest of the 3 days to lay around, visit with family, eat proper meals and just relax. I can't wait.


Blogger John said...

I hope one of the articles is about camo potato peelers!

10:59 AM  
Blogger Trixie said...

Interesting... I think I'll write down a few days worth of my daily activities and see where time is spent.

Sounds like you have a full day each day.

7:20 PM  
Blogger mr zig said...

It's true - it was an awesome guitar lesson! You are doing so well!!! If I had gold stars you would have deserved one this time for sure!

9:33 PM  

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