Sunday, February 11, 2007

Home, Home

This weekend the husband and I spent the weekend in our hometown in Ontario. Once people come into my life it doesn't take them long to realize that when they ask me what I'm doing on the weekend and I say "We're going home, home" that I mean we're heading to Ontario.
Of course, Winnipeg is my home, but that little town in Ontario will always be the place that I call home.
My parent's house is where I lived from the time I was 6 months old until I was 18 - my dad and uncle built it the summer I was born. This picture doesn't do it any justice - but it's a huge, beautiful house and was a wonderful place to grow up. Even the sleepy little town still warms my heart.
On Friday night we drove home and crawled into bed about 10 minutes after we walked in the door - the husband and I were both exhausted. We slept till 11 o'clock the next morning (which NEVER happens anymore) so that was a sure sign that we were both in need of a good, catch-up sleep.
Saturday was spent hanging around the house - trying to download some work (blech, why can't I ever quit working? it's a sickness, i swear), chatting with my parents and not much else. We decided to do a smorgasbord of fattening deliciousness for supper - it was awesome! My dad went and picked up pizzas, a bunch of egg rolls and the husband and I made these awesome shrimp that we love - with sweet thai chilli sauce, so hot but soooo good! And actually, the husband cooked the shrimp...I cranked some tunes in the kitchen and jumped up on the counter and sang to him while he cooked.
Later on my brother, dad and the husband watched hockey while my mom and I went over to Minnesota to catch a movie. We were the only people in the theatre besides 3 other people that came in 15 minutes late. We laughed our asses off and chatted through half the movie anyways because we were so far away from the other people - and it wasn't so great.
This morning we got up and I put on some coffee and enjoyed being the only one awake for awhile. Slowly everyone else woke up and we went to church - even the husband came, miracle of miracles!
For some reason when I'm at my parent's house, I always end up resorting back to cheez whiz and olive sandwiches. Why this is, I have no idea. Really, it's a pretty gross concoction - but nonetheless, everytime I'm wondering what to eat for lunch, I always end up dragging out the olives and cheeze whiz.

I spent the afternoon lazing around again, while the husband and my brother went to the rink and played hockey. I helped my mom set up a hot.mail account because the only email she had was this crappy no-name one that was just full of spam all the time. It took me about 45 minutes to explain it all to her - then we went back to our church for this annual ethnic supper. My dad and brother were helping serve stuff, and the husband even went ahead of time to help out. It was an awesome supper - we ate way too much - then we packed up our stuff, jumped in the car, and did the 3 hour drive back to the city.
It was a great weekend - there's nothing like going home, home - for a rest and relaxation to clear your mind.


Blogger John said...

Sounds like a great weekend. I like the idea of being sung to while cooking - I think that is one up on the Rock Chef!

6:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the words of Dorothy....'There's no place like home" It is always such a relief to go home eh? That olive sandwich looks nasty though :0) Glad that you had such a nice relaxing weekend.

8:24 AM  
Blogger mr zig said...

Sounds like a GREAT weekend - but yeah - your olive/cheesewhiz sandwhich looks pretty nasty - But I wish I had some cheesewhiz right now... that'd be nice... mmmm cheeeeeese

9:19 AM  
Blogger Amos said...

Sounds like a nice relaxing weekend. Hey, email me, I didn't save yours for some reason. I am so curious where you cross the border in MN. Being a Minnesotan ya know. Ya sure ya betcha.

10:03 AM  
Blogger Logziella said... that really cheese? :0)

3:06 PM  

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