Thursday, February 08, 2007

An Exciting, Windy Call

This morning I was gearing myself up for a long exhausting day at work when I heard the phone ring in Zig's office. Then I heard him say "705 (the area code) - I don't know that number."
Then I heard him say "Oh hi! (Then he laughed.) How are you?" He sounded very excited so I went down the hall to investigate. As I walked in his office he mouthed "It's Reggie" to which I let out a squeal of delight!
I sat in one of the chairs in his office and listened while he talked for a moment, then he told me Reggie wanted to talk to me. I was giddy when I got on the phone - Reggie has this smooth, clear accent and sounded so excited to talk that it made me even more excited!
He told me about the weather, and all the snorkeling they have been doing, and asked about our trip to Mexico, and all sorts of stuff.
Soon he handed the phone off to Judy (his sister), who sounded even more excited to talk - if that was even possible! She has that beautiful southern accent as well, and told me how much fun they were having and that she felt like she knew us all just from reading our blogs.
After a couple minutes she passed the phone off to Gigi (Reggie's wife) - whoa, that pretty lady has one wicked accent. (I think it's awesome Gigi - really.) She asked me if I could understand her okay, and I said I could, and we talked for about 5 minutes. What an absolute doll!

Somewhere in the time I was talking to Reggie the first time around I started to giggle - I was so pumped to be talking to them that I couldn't help it - and I'm sure they think I was crazy because I was almost shrieking because I was so excited. Zig just sat and laughed at me the whole time - probably because I was almost screaming into the phone.

What a fantastic group of people! I told a couple other people about that phone call who don't have blogs, and they just don't seem to understand what all the fuss is about. They don't understand the connection that I've built between all of you - and how supportive you have been through all my crap, and how you've made me laugh when I want to cry, and how you will always leave a silly comment when I've written about some stupid thing I've done.

I said before that I want to meet you all some day - and now I am itching to go visit Reggie's clan - I'm excited all over again just writing about it!

Know that I love you all - and your accents make me wish I had one too - and that you absolutely made my day by calling this morning - call again anytime!


Blogger Amos said...

I'm sure that you do have an accent Ali, here in the south, people call mine the Yankee accent. To which I reply to them, "the war is over". I bet if I would hear your voice I could catch it, ehh?

8:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I lived the the U.S.A, everyone there told me I had a strong canadian accent, then, when I moved back to Canada, everyone here told me that I had an american accent...go figure.

2:23 PM  
Blogger Logziella said...

Same here...I was always told that I had a 'northern accent' when I lived in Oklahoma and now people up here say I have a southern accent!!

I LOVE/MISS the southern accent! It just brings warmth...warm personalities...warm AIR!!

9:54 PM  
Blogger Reggie said...

I was thinking on the way home....I could call you from a rock on the side of a cliff but couldn't make a call from my villa. Have fun in Mexico!

9:06 PM  

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