Friday, February 02, 2007

Hello? (Snapping Fingers) Ali? Look Alive Girl!

Wow, it's been awhile since I posted! I did that one little blurb on Wednesday that doesn't even really count, and the one on Monday was easy - I just copied and pasted my test results. So I have been what some may call a "slacker" or "blogger tease" - I do apologize. Sorry for making you wait John. ;)

Usually I have lots of ideas about what I want to post about, but this week has been kind of scattered. I've been incrediby busy at work, and I'm about to get much busier.
Just to give you an idea of what I mean when I say busy - today my boss dropped 6 magazines worth of runsheets on my desk, and let me know that there would be 4 more on Monday. Runsheets? You're probably scratching your head asking "what are runsheets?" Just what does that mean and how does that sound like a lot of work?

Well each of those runsheets signifies one entire magazine or directory that is now ready to be paginated and put together. This is where my job comes in...I now have to copy-edit and paginate 7 of those 10 books. Yikes!
Needless to say I've been going in early every day this week, in anticipation of all this work coming in. And I'm planning on going in to work tomorrow as well - the peace and quiet of having no one else around should be a great motivation for me to get some work done.

Plus, I don't know how I've managed to get any work done anyways. My mind has been completely useless this past week. I'm having so much trouble focusing, and I've been very pouty, and I've even been fading off mid-sentence - lost in some flitting thought. I don't know what my problem is. But I guess it could have something to do with all the major changes at work, or maybe because I've recently begun taking that medication I was taking before I got pregnant (the one that makes me sick 3 times a day? oh so fun), or maybe just because it was time for my mind to take a rest.

Regardless of what it is - as much as I'm enjoying having all these wonderful (if crazy) thoughts - I really need to be able to put my mind into work mode. Especially if I'm going to be leaving on holidays for a week; I don't want to leave a mountain of unfinished work and editing nightmares in my wake!

*Sorry for such a lame and boring post - it was hard to even focus long enough to type this out!


Blogger John said...

Runsheets? I know about those - we have been watching Ugly Betty!

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